The First-Ever Filipino Inducted To Manitoba Basketball Hall Of Fame

Manny Aranez, who is the founder and commissioner of Lipanos of Manitoba and the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) in Winnipeg, is one of eight individuals inducted into the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame this month. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) was established in 2001 with just seven teams. By today, the league has more than 114 teams and 14 divisions.

“I am speechless, I am so honoured! I am humbled. It is my honour, it is an honour for the PBA, the Philippines Basketball Association here,” Aranez mentioned in his interview with Omni News Filipino. He is the first-ever Filipino to be inducted into Manitoba’s Basketball Hall of Fame. According to the Manitoba Hall of Fame, he is called and dubbed the “patriarch of Filipino basketball”. In 2015, he was elected as the commissioner of the Filipino Basketball Association of North America. 

Early this year, Aranez was also featured in a documentary called Ball And The City, a documentary on Filipino Basketball in Canada. He talked about his passion and love for basketball. He is now focused on paving the way for the future leaders of basketball society. “Hopefully someday, someone who is new will step up ‘Tito Manny! I am ready to take the challenge’, I am more than willing to support and help whoever replaces us in the future,” Aranez said. 

With all his accolades, he never forgets to give credit to his volunteers for shaping him to be determined and focused on his goals. “The reason why I am here right now is because of my committees and volunteers, they are the ones that put me here. The support, the trust and confidence they have given me, it is outpouring and tremendous.” Aranez said. 

He is a commissioner, basketball lover, friend, family, mentor, leader and most importantly an inspiration. Manny Aranez’s tenacious attitude proved that anyone can follow their dreams through hard work and dedication.

The Hall of Fame induction will be held on September 25, 2021.

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