Our Philosphy “Tayo Ang Bida All The Time”

Filipino TV is made by Filipino-Canadians for Filipino-Canadians. That is why we are committed to creating a rich selection of local original Filipino- Canadian programming. From current affairs to entertainment, spiritual to health, to sports and public service, and many more. We thrive in the collaboration and involvement of passionate and dedicated content creators within the community. With the state of the art facility, we utilize the technology to transcend countless creative ideas into a reality, consistently.

Our mission is to provide a responsible, broadcast-quality content, relevant curated programming for Filipino-Canadians.

Responsible news programming from our motherland matters, and that is why our daily news programming comes straight from the Philippines as officially sourced from the People’s Television delivered by award-winning journalists like Alex Santos and Angelique Lazo. ..and it’s not just tv production. FTV takes part and produce events for the community. Kudos to FTV’s OPM Concert Series which showcases the best OPM artists for the new generation of Filipino Canadians. With FTV’s recent partnerships with one of the biggest Filipino Canadian basketball leagues in Canada, you can expect professional weekly sports coverage for all age groups.

Exciting upcoming projects await you from original series, documentaries, full-length features, children’s programming, news programming and more.

Our vision is to engage and strengthen partnerships with creators from across the provinces. And as a start, we already have like-minded Filipino-Canadian creators from Saskatchewan and Winnipeg contributing regular programming that highlight their local community.

This is just the beginning of something really something special, made by Filipino Canadians, for Filipino Canadians.

About Ethnic Channels Group Limited

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