“Let’s Create” 


Filipino TV is your richest source of locally produced Filipino-Canadian content. 


With over a million Filipinos now living in Canada, FTV wants to be the platform that showcases their talent, creativity and interests. We are dedicated to building Filipino confidence, and growing the Filipino pride.


Composed of a lean group of broadcasting and production professionals, these experienced creatives collaborate with members of the Filipino-Canadian community to transform their skills and passion into quality content.


FTV envisions confident Filipinos, continuously honing their skills wherever they are in the world, rooted in their culture, and uplifting others by being their best selves.


Our mission is to inspire Filipinos to create, explore their talents and skills, and be proud of their unique identity and culture.

About Ethnic Channels Group Limited

Ethnic Channels Group Limited is based in Markham, Ontario. Offering more than 100 of the best television channels from around the world for viewers across 30 ethnic communities in Canada. Its channel offering continues to grow and expand with rich foreign and in-house produced content. ECG is a diversified media company specializing in the distribution and acquisition of linear television channels and VOD/SVOD/PPV content across all media platforms.
More information is available at www.ethnicchannels.com.