Original Shows

Real Talk w/ Anjo P

Real Talk features real conversations from real people. Anjo wants to retell the Canadian experiences through the stories and conversation of actual Filipino Canadians.

Humane Connection

From furry pets to reptiles and other species, Humane Connection brings you all you need to know about animals. Professionals, vets, and animal advocates share their experience and insights in giving proper treatment to our pets and other animals. Join us and other pet owners in exploring life with their beloved pets.

Tagalog Tech Review

Calling all tech-savvies! Provided by Vistek, Filbert gets into detail on reviewing cameras, lenses, wireless mic, and many more awesome gadgets!

Epic Generation

Something for our younger audience! Hosted by Christine, the younger generation will learn how to be creative by learning new stuff and at the same time discovering their Filipino roots.

Mom Talk with Jemi

Needing motherhood advice? Join Jemi and her guests as they tackle issues faced by moms and soon to become moms!

Console Wars

In partnership with LAN Lords Gaming Centre, Filipino TV brings you it’s first Esports tournament and coverage featuring four full teams to battle in a series of competitive Overwatch matches.

Work It!

Janet teaches aspiring dancers moves that will bring out their inner popstar! In the Look It segment, these popstars will get a makeover and get a chance to look like their idols.

The Hub Daily

Join Filbert, Anjo, Jeff, and Nathan as they serve you the hottest headlines and keep you updated with International, Philippine, and Canadian community news!

TV Natin

Hosts Allan Basa, Leila Elcano, and Cesar Acuña deal with current issues faced by Filipino workers and migrants around the world. The episodes will revolve on laying out the conflict and finding the best solution on how to resolve it.

Tribute Thursdays

Love music? Listen to these amazing local artists as they perform different genres of music by iconic music artists, from pop, rock, and everything in between!

Canada for Newcomers

New to Canada? Rizza will be happy to help on giving guidelines for new immigrants in order to settle well in Canada. She will also talk about programs, services, and other requirements that will help newcomers as they start their lives in a new country.

Filipinos Talk Wrestling

If you’re a fan of wrestling then you’ll enjoy up to date WWE news delivered by Jeff, Marc, and Mark!

Freestyle Friday

Get inspired listening to these local bands showcasing their original music, only on Freestyle Friday!

The Inner Voice

In need of spiritual guidance and strength? Join Pastor Teck Uy from Friends ofJesus Christ as he discuss and spread the Gospel of God.

Striving Artist

It’s truly amazing to see passionate artists creating their art, from dancing, songwriting, and many more! Arlene takes us with her as she get to know finest artists in Canada sharing their journey as striving artists.

Road to Success

Filipinos are known for their hard work. Road to Success will get you inspired as it features inspirational stories of successful Filipino-Canadians who have been striving with their own businesses and in their workplace.

Live Breathe Yoga

If you’re into healthy living, you might want to check out live breathe yoga and join Kaye as she show you different yoga positions that will surely relax your body and soul. Plus she also gives recipes for a healthy diet!

Lutong Pinoy Eh!

One thing that Filipinos love, food! Diona Joyce a.k.a. Tita flips, chef and creator of Kanto by Tita Flips, shares her own recipes of these famous Filipino dishes!

The Panorama

Joel Recla invites artists to tell their story of how their journey with music started. Here, you will witness outstanding talents from different multicultural musicians.

Saan Ba?

Always on the go? Saan Ba features a list of places to go to here in Canada, from Filipino restaurants, fun activities, and adventure. Anything that makes a productive day!

Batang Bibo

No need to worry leaving your kids in front of the television as long as Batang Bibo is on. Here, they’ll get to learn the alphabet, Filipino words, arts and craft, sing, and dance with Kuya Ping, Tito Lori, Tito Manny, and friends!

Batas Pinoy

For those facing difficulties that involve the law, allow Atty. Rogie Wong to explain laws that apply to Filipinos as well as how the process of each work.

MEaningFULL Conversations

Join Christine and Evie’s discussion on empowering women with meaningful conversations!

Canadian Fishing Network

If fishing is a hobby of yours, then Canadian Fishing Network is perfect for you. Scottie and Red brings us to Canada’s best fishing spots and at the same time gives us tips on Canada’s laws and policies on fishing.


Witness Canada’s first ever vegan lifestyle TV show! Join Gen and Jaz, both vegan advocates, raise awareness on the risks animals go through as well as the pros of being a vegan.

Bangko Sa Liwasan

Sit down and join these fellow Filipino-Canadians as they speak their hearts out sharing with us raw and original story of their lives.

Soul Jeepney

If you’re looking for a more artistic and unique way of discovering your Filipino roots, let Diana a.k.a. Flyladydi take you to her journey on exploring talents and culture of Filipinos in a Filipino-Canadian perspective.

Gamer’s Galaxy

Calling out all gamers out there! Tune in at Gamer’s Galaxy to keep up to date with all gaming news, from newly released games and more from the gaming industry.

Worker’s Agenda

Working in Canada means understanding Canada’s Labour Laws and that is what Worker’s Agenda brings to its audience. Host Paulina Corpuz also shares the rights of individual in their respective workplace.

The Lunchbox

Looking for comic related news and updates? Lew and the gang will keep you posted! From comic and movie reviews, comic related events, and much more!

Pinoy Crossover

Join Markie Mark, Pjay, and JR as they dive into everything about basketball, taking about the latest news, their opinions, and stories about their idols.

The Barber’s Cut

Sit and chill with Filbert, Anjo, and Warren as they talk nothing but rawness. They discuss random topics with their guests that everyone can absolutely relate about.

On The Spot

Be in the know and join the team as we cover the latest events happening in the community!