Talented Artists To Watch In The Brand New Show, Fearlessly Creative

Following one’s dream is not simple, it requires hard work and sheer dedication. The majority of these aspiring talents have full-time jobs and most often they ignore or relegate following their ambitions and aspirations for later. For some people, however, they pursue their dreams at any cost while trying to balance their time in their current jobs.

Rechie Valdez, the host of the show Fearlessly Creative, interviewed inspiring individuals that broke barriers to follow their passions. The new show is filled with a variety of guests: stand-up comedians, singers, tattoo artists, miniature artists and many more. “Art has completely taken over their lives and being thrown into a world of endless creativity has generated a rather complex being among them,” Rechie says. These skilled and proficient artists talk about their struggles, journeys and desires towards following their dreams. It is a hard and long process for some of these artists but it is always worth a try. 

The purpose of the show is to showcase each person’s gifts and talents to motivate viewers and other aspiring and promising entertainers to pursue their own dreams and passions. Rechie wants to give hope to others that anything is achievable if only they put their hearts out into it. Don’t miss the show as it premieres on Wednesday, July 21 at 9 PM.

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