PTV’s Public Eye Now Showing on Both Days of your Weekends on FTV.

Public Eye, a show that highlights societal stories, issues, lifestyle patterns and educational programs will now air on Filipino TV on both Saturdays and Sundays. The show has received various honours and awards, including the esteemed 2018 AnakTV Seal Award. In 2020, Public Eye was awarded the 42nd Catholic Mass Media Award for Best Adult Educational and Cultural program. The show delights audiences not only in the Philippines but around the globe as well. 

Public Eye features people who have inspiring and interesting stories throughout the country; from the life of conjoined twins to a passionate school teacher. It showcases uplifting documentaries of Filipinos overcoming adversaries & misfortunes. This is a true testament to the enduring, persevering and resilient attitude of Filipinos around the world. To check out more stories, make sure to watch Public Eye every Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM on Filipino TV.

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