Docudrama based on Filipino immigrants screened at Reelworld Film Festival

First thing’s first, this is not your typical immigrant or OFW story. Becoming Labrador will definitely hit the hearts of the people who’s only wish is to be reunited with their families.

Who would’ve thought that there’ll be a small Filipino community in Goose-Bay? A humble little town in the province of Labrador.

The documentary highlights the said small Filipino community represented by four Filipino immigrants that hold a unique journey living and surviving life in Goose Bay. It was screened yesterday at the Reelword Film Festival.

Edeta Verzosa is one of the Filipino immigrants from Goose Bay who generously shared her life in the documentary. She even says how crazy it was suddenly opening up about her life to total strangers who just knocked at her door.

What makes this film even more interesting is the team behind it all. Believe it or not, the documentary wasn’t written nor directed by a Filipino.

It’s a product by a diverse group of amazing people with co-directors Rohan Fernando, Tamara Segura, and Justin Simms, and of course, Newfoundland-based author Michael Crummey, who wrote the script with justice and inspiration.

Rohan Fernando, one of the directors told us that the film will be showing the transition of transferring from a place you’ve known since birth to a place you totally have no idea about.

Becoming Labrador was also screened at St. John’s International Women Film Festival and the directors say it might be available for purchase online soon.

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