“We will be seeking justice for our father!” says Richard Miranda, eldest son of Enrico

“We just pray that one day we will be able to move on in God’s time” these are the words of Richard Miranda, eldest son of Enrico Miranda, the temporary worker who died while working at Fiera Foods.

Enrico Miranda on the far right, with his wife holding their grandson, his two sons, and his daughter in-law

The news has widely affected the Filipino Community in Canada. There were a lot who expressed their sympathy and condolences to the family and also anger to the company.

It becomes even more aching knowing that Enrico had done nothing but work hard to give his family a better future. Richard says his father is a generous man loved by many and that he does not deserve this injustice death.

Richard also wants to express their family’s gratitude to the labour advocates who went out and took the time to join the protest that was held a few weeks ago at North York.

He mentioned that he personally reached out to the Ministry of Labour and inquired an investigation, but they still haven’t heard any response from them. Right now the family are in the Philippines and have held a wake for Enrico in their hometown in Pampanga which is where he has been buried as well.

Richard says once they get back to Canada, they’ll be taking on all legal actions necessary. His message to Fiera Foods? “I wish that someday you will be cured on your disease called Capitalism!”

Fiera Foods has issued a statement yesterday stating that they will continue to fully cooperate with the Ministry of Labour. David Young, former Attorney General of Ontario has been appointed to lead the company’s comprehensive review of their health and safety practices. The company also claims that all their full-time and temporary workers are fully trained.

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