Spring Breakers Caused the Widespread in Quebec

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the closure of the country’s borders for nonessential travels as early as March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the returning spring-breakers must still have brought and transmitted the disease into Canada. This brought about nearly 70,000 Coronavirus cases in Quebec alone. 

Dr. Sandrine Moreira, head of the Genomics and Bioinformatics at Quebec’s Public Health Research Institute, told Global News “The hypothesis we had before our analysis was that the spring break had huge importance in the spread of the virus and it’s indeed the case.” The amount of travellers going back to Canada in March was too much to handle for the Canadian government. 

Prior to this pandemic, travellers are identified to bring random disease to their home countries. In this case, the Spring Breakers were identified indeed, to be a huge part of the spread of the virus. Which made the province of Quebec to have the most cases of Coronavirus in the whole of  Canada.

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