Grocery Prices Skyrocketed Due To Pandemic

Food prices had been rising even before the Coronavirus pandemic. The operational costs will rise because of health concerns toward COVID-19. Chain of production recently increased and it inflated the prices of each product.

Sylvian Charlesbois a senior director of the lab of Dalhousie University Agri-food Analytics Lab, told City News that food inflation rate is going to be high for months to come. “Obviously if you spend $100 on food, you’d need to spend $104 instead of $100. But for an entire year, you should expect your food bill to increase by, probably right now, anywhere between $400-$500 for an average household,”. Food prices will eventually rise when the second wave of Coronavirus infections happens. 

Canadian citizens are struggling financially since the pandemic began. The increase in food commodity prices in the coming months will not help anyone especially when millions of Canadians are on, or have availed of  the Canada Emergency Response Benefit or CERB. 

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