Trick-or-treating is Prohibited in Ontario’s Covid-19 hotspots

Halloween celebrations will be put on hold in certain areas in Ontario. Trick-or-treat is a tradition among young children. They are not allowed, however, to participate in the holiday tradition due to this unprecedented time that we are in now.

“Given the high transmission of COVID-19 in the modified Stage 2 public health unit regions of Ottawa, Peel, Toronto and York Region, traditional door-to-door trick or treating is not recommended and people should consider alternative ways to celebrate,” The Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams stated. Families should have different ways to celebrate Halloween in their homes. 

Toronto, Peel Region, Ottawa and York Region are considered hotspots in Ontario. Outside these identified predicament areas, kids are still allowed to trick-or-treat. Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, urges homeowners to use tongs while giving out candies to the kids. Ford advises citizens to try to keep their children safe from any disease. 

Make sure to stay safe and practice social distancing this Halloween season. 

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