A Request Started For a Blockbuster Store Museum in Ontario

The Blockbuster store in Georgian Bluffs, Ontario closed in 2011, but it became a landmark in the area. It gained a lot of visitors and internet fame since the closure. The nostalgic and childhood memories had a huge impact and influenced locals to sign the petition. The petition includes turning the Blockbuster video store into a museum. 

“This historic building could provide some much-needed tourism and economic growth to the area for Owen Sound and all of Grey Bruce. I know I stop in and reminisce from time to time.” The petitioner for Blockbuster museum, Andrew Stuart stated on the chage.org website. The application started four months ago but recently, it is gaining a lot of attention. About 2, 400 people signed and supported Andrew Stuart’s petition. 

To support Andrew Stuart and Georgian Bluffs locals, visit the website and sign the petition: 


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