Sidewalks in Downtown Toronto Will Remain Unplowed

Council of Toronto decided not to clear the pathway of the downtown core of the city. Residents and businesses are responsible for shovelling and plowing their designated areas. 

Homeowners and property owners are liable to remove the ice and snow in their premises within 12 hours of snowfall. Unable to clean and clear the sidewalks will receive fines by the government. If a citizen decides not to abide by these rules, the fine for private property is $455 + 115 surcharge while the public property is $100 + $25 surcharge.

Fortunately, the cities within the Greater Toronto Area such as, the Scarborough District, North York Centre District, Etobicoke District and Toronto East-York District will still receive ongoing snow plowing and clearing of sidewalks. Toronto Downtown locals will have to invest in boots and plow machines this winter.

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