Muay Thai Gym Closing After 15 Years in the Business

Krudar Muay Thai is closing their operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Darwin Miranda, the Filipino owner of Krudar Muay Thai, posted on their social media that the landlord evicted them out of the Thai martial arts gym due to being unable to pay the rent. The landlord was forced to change the doors and locks of the facility. The owner of the facility did not participate in Ontario’s rent relief program and decided to sell the property. 

“When the provincial commercial eviction ban ended, our landlord changed the locks, seized our assets pushing us to the curb due to an impossible situation that was completely out of our control. While our business is forced closed, his building is for sale.” Krudar Muay Thai mentioned on a petition website called The application includes writing a petition to request from their Member of Parliament, Mrs. Chrystia Freeland and Mrs. Jessica Bell for assistance to their business. About 3,500 people signed and supported the gym. 

To support Krudar Muay Thai and the Mirance family, visit the website and sign the petition:

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