Toronto Using “Smart” Technology To Help Lessen Traffic

Toronto launched MoveTO, an action plan that helps the city’s congestion and safety in transportation. They are implementing 5 new programs to lessen any kind of obstructions. These programs are Smart Signals, Intelligent intersections, Advanced Transit Signal Priority, Construction Hub Pilot Program and Travel Demand Management Strategy. 

The Smart Signals are automatically adjusted signal timing based on on-going traffic in Toronto. They are proposing to have 500 locations in the next 5 years. Intelligent Intersections are focusing on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Thirdly, The Advanced Transit Signal Priority (ATSP) will track buses that are running behind and stretch green light times when it is necessary. City staff prioritizes proposing to install ATSP in 100 locations over the next two years.

There are multiple constructions in the city of Toronto. It certainly causes traffic on narrow roads. The Construction Hub Pilot Program is enforced to operate roads and minimize the overflowing traffic within the construction site. They will work with the local community and keep people safe. 

Lastly, Travel Demand Management Strategy will apply help to avoid any congestions at specific transportation, time and locations. They are coordinating with the Smart Commute Program to provide supplemental support for commuters while developing strategies towards traffic. 

Since the pandemic, the traffic has not been as extreme as before. These programs will help ease the traffic in the city. The MoveTO was acknowledged at the Infrastructure and Environment Committee meeting that happened on November 5, 2020.

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