“Should I go back to Canada even if I’m at a country with lesser COVID cases?”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been emphasizing in all his announcements the importance of bringing Canadians abroad back home.

But what if they are currently staying in a country with lesser COVID-19 cases? Is it still a better option to fly back home?

There are several things we need to consider here. First, the current status of the country you’re in. Are they on lockdown? Or community quarantine? What if it has limited medical supplies and health services only available for its residents? You also need to know the status of the country’s airports. Have they implemented any travel restrictions?

These are some of the factors you need to ask yourselves. Remember, the number of cases is growing and that is expected. If you are lucky to fly back to Canada without any symptoms, you are still responsible to go on self-isolation for at least 14 days as symptoms may still occur.

Right now, the government of Canada continues to work with airlines in bringing Canadians home safely. Decide wisely and stay safe!

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