Glaciers In Antarctica Are Rapidly Melting

One of the largest ice glaciers in Antarctica is rapidly fading. Thwaites glacier is one of the largest ice streams in Antarctica. Unfortunately, it is also one of the fastest melting glaciers in the world. Thwaites and the Pine Island Glaciers are located on the west side of Antarctica, responsible for 5% rising of the world’s sea level. 

According to, Thwaites Glaciers has a flowing warm water inside one of its channels. The warm water weakens the ice underneath and a big contributor to the ice melting. Thus creating a big amount of cavities inside.

Recently, Greenland’s ice shelf, the second-largest continental glaciers, has broken off around 114 square-kilometers chunk of ice. This also assisted the rise of the sea levels. The Greenland Ice Sheet has declined since 1996. The climate change around the world is crippling the icebergs and glaciers in Antarctica. Indeed, a sign of global warming.

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