Record Breaking Hurricane Season Since 2005

The year 2020 is full of bizarre and strange events in the world. It seems that this year is a record breaking year for hurricanes. Hurricane season normally starts around the month of June. 


However, there were already two hurricanes recorded in the month of May: Tropical Storm Arthur on May 17th and Tropical Storm Bertha on May 27th. This was only the sixth time since 1851 that two storms started even before June 1st, the start of the hurricane season. 


By the end of June, they have already recorded four named storms. This happened only for the third time on the record. The other two years were 2012 and 2016. Tropical Storm Cristobal happened on June 7th and Tropical Storm Dolly on June 23rd. 


There were five named tropical storms in July. It tied the most storms in the month since 2005. It sets another record for having the most storms (9) before August. Tropical Storm Edouard was formed on July 6th, Tropical Storm Fay on July 9th, Tropical Storm Gonzalo on July 22nd, Hurricane Hanna on July 23rd and Hurricane Isaias on July 29th. 


So far, the most severe hurricane season of 2020 was in August. Tropical Storm Isaias strengthened and killed at least 5 people on August 4th. There were four hurricanes this month. Tropical Storm Josephine and Tropical Storm Kyle formed on August 13th, Hurricane Laura on August 14th, Hurricane Marco on August 21st and Tropical Storm Omar on August 31st. Hurricane Laura killed at least nine people in the Caribbean and at least 25 people in Louisiana on August 23-27.This shattered the record for the most storms just for this month of August since 2005. 


Hurricane Nana occurred on September 1st. It was the earliest named Atlantic storm on record since Hurricane Nate in 2005. It was the first hurricane to make it to Belize since Hurricane Earl in 2016.

In the month of September, there are multiple ongoing hurricanes coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Paulette,  Tropical Storm Rene, Hurricane Sally, Tropical Storm Teddy and Tropical Storm Vicky. There is only one name left, Wilfred, the National Hurricane Center will have to start using the Greek Alphabet. This situation of finishing all the names in the alphabet, only happened once and it was back in 2005. There were 28 named storms used in 2005. 

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