Feels like 40 C for October 1st in Toronto

Summer chose to stay for one more day in Toronto. Now it may be the first day of October, and people are probably getting their pumpkins ready, or busy planning their perfect Thanksgiving dinner, or thinking of a horrifying halloween costume, but you might want to pause on that for today. Instead, enjoy this last day of summer fling!

Weather experts say it could feel like 30 C today in the afternoon and the humidex is about 38 C. Apparently it’s not just Toronto. Weather conditions in Barrie, Hamilton, Guelph, Whitby, Oakville, and St. Catherines, are also around the same number.

Although there are risks of thunderstorms in the afternoon and strong winds late this evening that will cause temperatures to drop, you still have plenty of time this morning to take your dog out for a good walk….or maybe a good drive!

Toronto, enjoy it while it lasts!

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