Essential Travel

Travel restrictions will be eased for fully vaccinated essential travellers to Canada. This includes persons that provide essential services, such as those maintaining the flow of essential goods; those Canadians who need to receive medical care within 36 hours of entering the country; work related travel; students who regularly cross the border; and citizens that live in an integrated trans-border community. Government officials however, still advise Canadians to avoid non-essential travels.

Citizens & permanent residents of Canada who are fully vaccinated and returning to the country will no longer need to go through the mandatory hotel quarantine. Travellers need proof of Covid-19 vaccination which should be uploaded to the government’s ArriveCAN app. All travellers, whether entering Canada by air or land, must use the ArriveCAN app within 72 hours before the arrival to Canada. ArriveCAN is available to download as a mobile app or you can create an account online. 

According to, essential travellers do not have to include a quarantine plan through ArriveCAN. They are required to provide contact information, travel details and symptoms they may be experiencing. They are obliged to sign-in to the app yet do not need to complete the full reporting.

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