Celebration of Undas is Cancelled in Manila

It is a tradition For Filipinos to celebrate Undas or Halloween every year. It is the Filipino way of showing “respect for the dead”. It was formerly celebrated every November 2nd which is “All Souls Day” but most Filipinos ended up commemorating “All Saints Day” on November 1st. Millions of Filipinos go to the cemetery where they pay respect to all the saints and their loved ones. Unfortunately this year, the authorities are restricting people in the cemeteries due to the uncontrollable Coronavirus cases. 

Mourners or anyone for that matter are not allowed to enter any type of cemeteries from October 29 to November 4. Excluding those dates, Harry Roque, the Philippines presidential spokesperson mentioned that from September 17 to November 15, cemeteries are open but is restricted to only 30 percent capacity. “Because cemeteries will close for one week, the number of people who can visit their deadly departed will be limited to 30% venue capacity.” Harry Roque also mentioned that face masks are mandatory for all age groups. 

With the Coronavirus rapidly rising in the Philippines, the government is trying its best to flatten the curve. 

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