Canadian Airlines Are Offering Covid-19 Insurances

The Coronavirus pandemic affected the whole airline industry. According to CBC News, Air Canada and WestJet have canceled 439 flights in September. Air Transat lost revenue by 99 percent and Air Canada passenger revenues drop by about 95 percent. These airline companies laid off thousands of employees. 

Most airlines don’t offer refunds to passengers. Instead, they offer travel vouchers for cancelled flights. Passengers however, are very reluctant to rebook their flights because of the possibility of the flight getting postponed again. Travellers are also scared of getting transmitted disease in the airplane. WestJet and Air Canada are offering Covid-19 insurance for passengers. They will cover the cost for passengers who get infected by Coronavirus. Medical insurance involves medical costs and emergency travel up to $200,000 for Air Canada. For WestJet, they offer emergency medical and hospital costs up to $100,000 per person. Manulife Financial Corporation, an insurance company, is offering emergency health coverage and trip cancellation. These companies are just trying to put a band-aid on a gaping wound.

The tourism and airline industry have taken a heavy toll since the Coronavirus pandemic began. With all these businesses trying to survive, the airline industry is definitely one of those who had been affected the most. 

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