Air Taxis Are Coming In 2023

Uber plans to launch Uber Air, an air taxi for commuters in 2023. They are not alone however, in this air taxi travel project. Uber joined forces with Hyundai, a Korean car company for this personal air vehicle program.

The Uber Elevate Program also collaborated with Boeing, a manufacturer for planes. 

On the other hand, Toyota partnered with Joby Aviation to develop a new air taxi in Silicon valley.

Another start up company, Lilium Aviation already had a remote control prototype and finished their first level of testing. 

Air taxis is the future of commuting. It is still in its fetal stages for these companies. They haven’t even decided the prices of the air fare. Lilium Aviation however is ambitiously projecting to price their six minute fare to about $70. Air taxis is not a cost efficient invention. Helicopter travel has been around for a long time and most of their customers are still the wealthy few. If this air taxi will be made affordable to the masses, it will definitely help populated cities during rush hours.

Joe Praveen Vijayakumar, Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst, mentioned in his interview “When air taxis become widely commercialized, it will definitely ease the traffic burden on city roads. They will usher in a nimble form of intracity travel, transporting people on the shortest possible route between two locations,”. This will lessen the traffic in the urbanized cities. Urban planning will be much easier to handle with less cars on the road.

Flying cars have been around for decades in movies or beyond in our imaginations. If this happens as projected, 2023 is going to be the year of a new innovative invention.

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