Thanksgiving Celebration Guidelines Amidst Pandemic

Coronavirus cases in Ontario have been rapidly increasing. By October 9, 44,900 tests were completed in Ontario and 939 cases were tested positive for Covid-19. Families across Canada gather every year to traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the pandemic is putting the holiday season on hold. Canadians are required to consider certain guidelines or options before having any Thanksgiving festivities. 

Limit Mass Gatherings

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, urges Torontonians to limit their parties to 10 people. “Thanksgiving is going to make or break it. Just Please hang in there. You know, I have a big family and I told Karla, and she knows this, we can have no more than 10. Simple as that” Ford told the press on Tuesday, October 6. Limiting the number of people indoors can lessen the chances of spreading the Coronavirus. Prior to Thanksgiving, the family should be cautious and continue practicing good “hand” hygiene in the household. 

Celebrate Virtually

Another option is to celebrate this upcoming holiday virtually. With the second wave approaching Canada, the smartest way to celebrate is through Zoom, Google Meets or other video-chat platforms. “As everyone knows, it’s been a challenging week. And virtual dinners, although less appealing than an in-person gathering, can make a difference in reducing the spread of COVID,” Patty Hadju, the Health Minister of Canada, mentioned during a news conference about Coronavirus and holidays. Families can practically still spend time with each other by hosting a virtual Thanksgiving.

Cancelling Family Functions 

Dr. Jeff Kwong, a public health physician at Toronto Western Hospital, predicted the rise of cases after the Thanksgiving holiday. Family members could possibly not wear any mask at a dinner table. Dr. Kwong told Global News that Canadians should consider cancelling the festivities with other family members. Staying at home and celebrating thanksgiving with your own family can lower the risk of contracting the disease. 

These are just precautions for Canadians to evaluate before the holiday feast. 

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