Philippines Host Drive-Through Blessings for pets

Nearly 323,000 coronavirus cases in the Philippines, so mass gatherings or events are prohibited in the country. However, pet lovers did not stop to have their animals blessed by priests while they are inside a car for the Animal World Day. It was a “drive-through” event.

In this unusual and unprecedented times, animal loving-people had to compromise to new things. In this case, they have to follow the rules and regulations of the organizers. “We have to adapt to the new normal and the pandemic should never stop us from paying tribute to the furry animals that we have,” said Ritchie Pascual, the event organizer of the “drive-through” blessing affair. 

For most pet owners, these animals have become part of the family. They treat their pets like their own child. It is great to see Filipinos follow the rules and maintain social distancing amidst the celebration.

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