PhiliHealth is willing to pay Philippine Red Cross

PhilHealth or The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation owes the Philippine Red Cross millions for collecting coronavirus testing. It is estimated to be about P930 million owed to Philippine Red Cross. 

Philippine Red Cross made a decision to hold the operations of coronavirus testing that is liable to PhilHealth. The unpaid testing forced the Philippine Red Cross to stop any COVID-19 testing. The outstanding balance was not paid in the month of October. 

PhilHealth stated that they paid P1.6 billion to the Red Cross in the month of September. According to Dante Gierran, the Chief Executive Officer of PhilHealth, they have detained their restitution to Philippine Red Cross because of suspicious fees and unknown items included in their invoices. Gierran also mentioned that the organization will make a payment but it will not be a full reimbursement. 

This could be the last time PhilHealth and Philippine Red Cross work together because of outstanding reimbursement fees. Multiple private laboratories now have volunteered to do the coronavirus testing in the Philippines according to Maria Rosario Vergie, the Health undersecretary. 

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