Christmas Holiday Celebration

It is an unaccustomed time for Canadians this Christmas season. Social gatherings are restricted in multiple regions. Before celebrating with family members, Ontario residents should know the protocols for social gatherings within Ontario. 

Ontario‚Äôs priority is to limit the transmission of coronavirus. Ontario created five zones of public health measure in Canada. The five zones are green, yellow, orange, red and grey. This is aimed to protect vulnerable populations in Ontario. 

For green, yellow, and orange zones, the gathering limits are 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors when celebrating the holidays. For red zones, the limit indoors are 5 people and 25 people outdoors. Residents can only leave their houses if it is an essential trip. For grey-lockdown-zone, holiday festivities are prohibited in lockdown regions. Interactions are not allowed with any neighbours unless the person lives alone. 

It is mandatory to safely celebrate the holidays this Christmas. 

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