Refreshing Comedy Show Is Coming Soon On FTV

Halo-Halo is a brand new Filipino sketch comedy show broadcast by Filipino TV. The show will air its first episode in 2021 is directed by Patrick Dooc and Mark Koh. This will be the first ever Filipino comedy skit show broadcasted. Expect multiple mixtures of parodies of songs, sketches and challenges. Patrick and Mark will perform spoofs, impersonations and a mockery of pop culture.

Patrick was inspired by the popular comedy show, Saturday Night Live on NBC. He said, “SNL has made a great impact on my life because I want to be just like those guys”. Patrick is passionate about acting and regularly posts his comedy skits on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. This will be his opportunity to direct and host his own show on Filipino TV. 

Patrick has been a big part of Filipino community in Toronto. He often hosts multiple Filipino pageantry events and sports shows, a great way to showcase local talents and highlight Filipino-Canadian entertainment throughout Canada. 

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