About 400 car crashes reported in Ontario during Monday night’s nonstop snowfall

Looks like drivers across the province weren’t expecting too much snow this early of the season.

Yesterday, the OPP’s hotline has been flooded with reports of collisions. There were about 400 car crashes reported and they have been receiving more. Fortunately, these crashes didn’t cause any serious and life-threatening injuries.

But what’s shocking is, that huge number does not even include those cars who have just spun out and lost control. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says that one major cause of these accidents is reckless driving.

Environment Canada issued a winter weather advisory early Monday evening to warn everyone of the continuous snowfall that’s about to hit Toronto. That Monday night has been indeed a hard and messy commute to all- almost zero visibility, and that is why vehicles should have added more caution while on the roads.

Sgt. Schmidt tweeted that with or without winter tires, drivers should not be driving beyond their limited speed for this will surely lead to an accident.

Authorities didn’t lack on giving precautions to Canadians. Giving out weather alerts have been a top priority especially during this season. You can also follow Toronto’s Winter Operations Twitter account – TO Winter Operations to be updated on salt truck schedules and roads that have been cleared of snow.

OPP reminds everyone to put in their best efforts on driving safe to avoid more collisions.

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