Student with mental health issues gets handcuffed for trying to seek help

Regardless of how many times the topic of mental health has been discussed, there are still some who are mishandling it when faced with such situations.

Just a few days ago, a U of T student was handcuffed by campus police for seeking mental-health treatment. In a report, it was said that the student, whose identity remained private, was seeking help for having suicidal thoughts.

The student initially asked for treatment from the campus psychiatrist in the Health and Counselling Centre but was told that it would take a long time to get an appointment. The student along with her friend met with another nurse who told them that before they’re allowed to leave, it is a protocol to speak with the campus police first.

This was the time when everything went out of hand. Speaking with the campus police and mentioning how she has plans on dying by suicide on a specific location, resulted in them putting handcuffs on her.

Who wouldn’t panic on this situation? The whole scenario of the student trying to get help is already stressful.

Why can’t she get help right away? Why aren’t there any professionals available? Is this the case on all campuses? How about other schools? How about other students? Does this prove that mental health services on campuses need more improvement?

There are too many unanswered questions. People who are suffering from mental health should never feel neglected in any way. They need all the support from everyone around them.

Get help or give help if you can.

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