Programs and Strategies for Newcomers to Canada

Canada welcomed over 341,000 permanent residents, including 27,820 Filipinos in 2019, according to The Philippines is starting to be one of Canada’s big ethnic groups when it comes to immigration. Most of the permanent residents applied either as skilled workers, caregivers or provincial nominees, among others. It is valuable to have guidelines and good advice when entering a new country.

Rizza Solis, host of Canada for Newcomers, will talk about requirements, programs and services that could help Filipino immigrants in Canada. In the show, she will discuss strategies on job-hunting, school searching, financial management, shopping tips and other valuable information for newcomers. Additionally, she will talk about the struggles of mental illness as an immigrant. 

“Canada is truly one of the best countries to live in the world because the government provides so much support for newcomers and immigrants. It’s just a matter of making the best use of these resources so we can live a life worth living in this beautiful country.” Rizza says.

In 2020, immigration decelerated due to COVID-19. Canada is slowly recovering from the pandemic and continues to welcome new immigrants. Join Rizza every Saturday at 4:30 PM as she gives valuable advice to fellow immigrants. 

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