FTV’s Tambays Got Talent Winner donates cash prize to aid 100 families in the Philippines

Filipino TV’s first Tambays Got Talent winner, Selina Mae Quibrantar, donates her $1000 cash prize to buy sacks of rice for Filipino families amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selina initially joined FTV’s online talent contest for fun. She has a passion for music and loves singing. Little did she know that sharing her talent throughout the whole Filipino Community to watch and judge, was leading her to a bigger purpose.

Winning Tambays Got Talent became a door for her to help Filipino families in need back in her hometown at President Roxas, Capiz. With the help of her family and relatives, her aunt Eleanor Buenvenida, and uncle Rosellinie Buenvenida, they were able to buy sacks of rice good for 100 families in the community.

“By donating rice to 100 families, I hope the money that they usually use to purchase rice can be put towards other necessities,” Selina said.

The distribution process was organized in coordination with the municipal government. Everyone was made sure to wear masks as they line up to get 10 kilograms of rice per family.

Selina also mentioned that deliveries of the donations were made for those with physical or mental disabilities. Shoutout to her aunt Lilibeth Capulso for personally delivering the donations!

“Since I was young, my parents have ingrained in me the importance of giving. I’ve been a very fortunate person, and this has given me the opportunity to give back,” Selina said.

Selina, an aspiring doctor, is a 4th-year student at the University of Toronto taking up a double major in Human Biology and Population Health.

She is also currently working on a COVID-19 Initiative at UofT, focusing on existing and surfacing food insecurity. Her team will investigate how food insecurity is dealt with in different countries, hoping to educate and spread awareness of the accentuating health crisis of food insecurity due to COVID-19.

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