Filipino TV Supports Local Talents

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Striving Artist show has been supporting local talents in Toronto. The show highlights artists, such as comedians, singers, dancers, photographers and many more. These artists talk about their dreams, passions, struggles in their journey as they hone and develop their craft. Arlene Paculan, the host of Striving Artist, showcases each person’s gifts and talents to motivate other promising entertainers to pursue their own dreams.

“We hope to inspire and encourage you fellow artists to go after your dreams by finding out what successes and obstacles these artists have faced,” Arlene says.

Multiple professional artists are making a living out of their own art but it requires a lot of effort to market themselves. Most, if not all of them require social gatherings to showcase their craft. However, social events are prohibited throughout Ontario at this point in time. Thus, all local talents are struggling due to the pandemic. In this unprecedented time, local artists need assistance and support more than ever. Join us every Sunday at 4:30 p.m., as we acknowledge and support these local artists in Toronto. 

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