FAQs about your SSS membership and contribution

Are you wondering if you still have your SSS membership? Temporary workers and permanent residents can continuously contribute to their SSS without asking a family member back home to pay their contribution for them.

Social Security System Representative, Mr Roberto Roldan, has provided answers to frequent questions and inquiries Filipinos have regarding our SSS contribution and membership.

“Once a member, always a member.” That is the tagline of SSS. Mr Roland says regardless of your status in Canada, may it be a temporary worker, a caregiver, or a permanent resident, as long as you’re Filipino, you are eligible to apply and have an SSS number.

SSS had its office in Toronto since 2015 and now it has 6 locations across North America, with three in the United States.

There are about 500, 000 Filipinos in Ontario, including those who have previous membership with SSS and Mr Roland says that they are all guaranteed to be members again.

Members are eligible for disability benefits, sickness benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment, and many more.

He also adds that contribution has been made easier and more convenient for filipinos abroad since payments can now be made through partnered remittances across the province.

For those who have forgotten their number and wanted to reactivate their membership, you just need to visit the SSS office in the Consulate and present two valid IDs so that they would be able to look and update your records with them.

Catch Mr Roberto Roldan on TV Natin as he talks more about SSS reformed benefits, payments, and contributions.

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