COVID-19: Panic-buying and hoarding, is it necessary?

Now that the novel coronavirus is a pandemic, does this mean we need to start hoarding groceries for survival?

Health officials have mentioned in an announcement that they recommend people to have emergency kits, like water, canned goods, and medication. This immediately caused panic to the public causing huge line ups, over-flowing shopping carts with hoarded products, and empty shelves on almost every local grocery store.

At Food Basics in Toronto via Twitter (@lizziyeo)

This reaction has gained a lot of attention and apparently the case has been the same around the globe.

But guess what? We might not need a whole month’s worth of toilet paper, alcohol, bottled water, canned goods, pasta, and rice.

Although stocking up for more coming quarantine days sounds just right, the government quickly assured Canadians that there is plenty of supply coming and there’s no need to panic. They have also allowed retailers to receive deliveries 24/7 so that goods will remain in stock.

According to Diane Brisebois, President, and CEO of the Retail Council of Canada, there is no evidence of shortages. “Empty shelves only means retailers have sold out of the quantity the store had at the time,” Brisebois said.

Besides, wouldn’t it be riskier to be exposed to large crowds nowadays? Let’s be wise about what we need to buy and when we need it.

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