Canada’s largest pest control company launches new disinfecting service as businesses continue to reopen amid COVID-19

Orkin Canada takes part in the fight against COVID-19 by launching it’s newest Health Canada approved disinfecting service called Vital Clean.

Courtesy Orkin Canada

The disinfecting service by Orkin Canda, the country’s largest pest control company, aims to help all businesses that are gradually reopening as COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease.

In an interview with the company’s Technical Director, Sean Rollo, he states that it has been working thoroughly in becoming part of the overall solution in the country’s fight against the pandemic.

Although the company is well-known for pest control, it also does disinfection after every cleanout. And with Vital Clean, it uses vital oxide as its main product which is approved by Health Canada. The disinfection process includes a wipe-down of all highly-touched surfaces in the area followed by misting to coat the surfaces. This ensures that the liquid is given the appropriate time to latch on the surfaces and 100% eliminate viruses.

The length of the process also depends on how big the area is. Rollo says a minimum of ten minutes is enough to let the product come in contact with the virus. The type of disinfectant that Orkin Canada uses is non-toxic but technicians recommend people to be out of the building when they are disinfecting to follow social distancing protocols.

Rollo states that about 800 well-trained technicians are servicing from coast to coast. “There’s no community in Canada we cannot service,” Rollo says.

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