Why more house fires happen during winter

Just this Friday, a five-alarm fire was reported in an apartment in North York. The massive fire that started in the 8th floor unit of the building left one person dead and displaced over 700 residents.

You wouldn’t believe that as the weather gets colder, the risk of house fires gets higher as well.

When we feel cold, our first instinct is to turn up the heater. And yes, space heaters and other heater systems are huge factors of fire accidents. Included in these factors are holiday decorations, winter storms, and candles.

Records show that house fires increase during the months of December to February and the days of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

To avoid house fires, people are advised to have their heating system checked yearly. Space heaters should also be turned off while sleeping and place far from easily burned objects.

Some people get so extra with holiday decorations and that’s totally fine! But remember to place them properly. Don’t over plug cables. Place it away from space heaters especially dried Christmas trees as they tend to blaze quickly. And the most important thing… read the manuals!

Last factor of house fires during winter and well, anytime of the year, are candles. If candles are regularly used in your household, for the altar, for taking off unwanted door, or for essence, just be mindful not to leave it lit when no one is around. It’s also advised to not light candles in the bedroom.

These are just some of the major causes of fires during the winter. There are probably more but regardless, always be cautious. House fires can be deadly as flames can quickly spread. If house fires occur, don’t hesitate on heading straight to the nearest exit and immediately calling 911.

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