What it’s like to live in a military base in Trenton, Ontario

The evacuation process has been approved for Canadians and some permanent residents stranded in Wuhan, the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Courtesy of National Post

The first flight carried around 174 evacuees. They are now staying at the Yukon Lodge in the Canadian Forces base at Trenton, Ontario. Some evacuees have shared their lives under quarantined. And it looked very normal.

Yukon Lodge will host all evacuees with its 290 hotel-like rooms. Each room has basic furniture, tv, and a bathroom. They receive boxed meals and they also have access to WiFi.

At times, they are free to stroll outside the lodge for fresh air as long as they keep a two-metre distance from other evacuees. Their temperature is regularly checked.

Although it wasn’t confirmed whether any of the evacuees are positive of the virus, all of them will stay and be monitored by health officials in the base for two weeks. Another plane is set to pick up remaining evacuees in China.

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