What if all vehicles in Toronto are electric?

Owning an electric car does not only cut your trips to the gas station but it reduces your car emissions that help the environment.

Is it really “ambitious” of us to have an electric vehicle strategy that aims to make all transportation vehicle electric by 2050? As of now, there are only 6,300 electric vehicles in Toronto. That’s less than a percent of all vehicles registered in the city.

Toronto’s Electric Vehicle Strategy’s goal obviously benefits both people and the environment as it would be a big step on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), reducing air pollutants for us residents. But the process of making this happen is a little tough. Electric car owners believe that the main barrier of people swapping their regular sedans and SUVs to electric powered ones is the lack of charging stations in the city.

If pushed, the strategy plans to make 20% of vehicles in Toronto electric by 2030. In order to achieve this, a huge budget is needed as well as support from the government.

Some actions to make are, building more charging stations on parking spots, on workplaces, and at home, and changes to the city’s infrastructures.

The strategy will serve as the blueprint on reducing the city’s GHG. Does it still sound ambitious if we already have a laid-out plan?

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