Trained Dogs Can Detect Coronavirus

Dogs in Finland are trained to detect Coronavirus present in people. There are 4 trained dogs In Helsinki Airport that can distinguish the smell of a person who has the virus. An agency called Wise Nose trained dogs to identify cancer, moulds, bed bugs, rats and now the Coronavirus.

According to Wise Nose, dogs have 220 million smell cells and it is 215 million more than an average human-being. There are four Coronavirus canine sniffers in the Helsinki Airport. Passengers will have to wipe their hands while the dog has to smell that wipe and try to catch if the traveller has the virus. The dog gives a signal if the person has the virus. In this case, the passenger takes a free swab test to get a real judgment. 

According to German military researchers, the dogs are 94 percent accurate when detecting COVID-19. Travel has been one of the biggest causes of the Coronavirus widespread. This dog sniffing technique could be a great tool to use for any Airport or Coronavirus hotspots. 

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