Toronto Woman Slapped With $5000 Storage Bill For Car Sold Years Ago

Selling your personal car can be a gruelling process. It may gain you some quick cash to cover some of your bills. There are a few things though, that one should be aware of. 

Jacquiline Poirier, the owner of a 2002 Honda Civic, sold her old car for $1,000 in 2018. She went through the process of selling her car on Kijiji. When she went to Service Ontario to inform the vehicle had been sold. She found that the vehicle information was not transferred completely and properly. 

“I can imagine there are other hardworking taxpayers getting caught in this system loophole and I feel like we have been failed,” Poirier told CTV news. The car she sold was eventually abandoned and towed to car storage. Poirier found out that she owed the collection agency $5,118 for the towing and storage charges. 

Be aware of properly selling personal cars and make sure of completing all the necessary paperwork. Similar to Jacquilline Poirier, this may just lead you to unwanted towing and storage charges. 

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