Toronto gets its first homicide investigation on New Years Day

The city welcomed the New Year with a bang. Literally, for the Toronto Police, as they work on the city’s first homicide investigation for 2020.

Toronto Police Operations Twitter account

Reports of multiple gunshots in the area of River and Dundas St., specifically in Regent Park were called in. EMS came on the scene finding two men, one with life-threatening injuries, and were immediately rushed to hospital.

Unfortunately, one of the victims, a 21-year old man, has died.

Police also found a black Hyundai sedan on the crime scene with bullets on the driver seat’s door.

Toronto Police are asking anyone who might have been a witness to the shooting that can provide them any security or dashcam footages as well as any helpful information.

The past year has been named as Toronto’s bloodiest year for gun violence, with a record of 77 homicides that had 292 people shot.

The city is hopeful that this year would be different.

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