Toronto Events Missed in 2020

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Toronto is known for traditional celebrations within the city. Sadly, coronavirus affected every social gathering not only in the city but throughout the world. In 2020, most of the main events in Toronto have been cancelled since this summer.

Summer events such as the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), Pride Parade, Caribana, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Nuit Blanche were postponed due to COVID-19. Since 1879, CNE has been the biggest traditional event in Canada. Multiple cities within the Greater Toronto Area went into lockdowns or red zones during November and December, Several events on Thanksgiving and Christmas were suspended because of social distancing protocols. Christmas parades and The Toronto Christmas Market were also postponed due to the pandemic.

Indoor gatherings and celebrating with extended family can face strict consequences and fines. The province went into a second province-wide lockdown on December 26 for the next 28 days. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Nathan Phillips Square are prohibited this year. Let us all hope that the year 2021 will bring an end to this pandemic.

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