The Toronto Roads Are Implementing “Red Zones” For Motorists

The red painted roads signify that vehicles can’t stop at the covered areas. This is a reminder for the drivers to be cautious around bus stops and buses. The red painted roads resemble Toronto’s bike lane laws where motorists are prohibited to stop at the designated places. This may be similar to the Queens Quay and lower Spadina intersection where the road is bright red. TTC spokesman Stuart Green tells CityNews, “Our board directed we work with the city and Waterfront Toronto on additional ways to delineate the right of way and reduce incidents of motorist intrusion.” The Toronto City government is trying to reduce traffic and casualties especially for motorists and pedestrians in GTA. 

Tina Yazdani, a CityNews reporter, tweeted that 40% of pedestrian deaths in the GTA were in Scarborough. Multiple areas in GTA reduced their speed limit from 60 km/hr to 50 km/hr. According to CityNews, a 5% speed reduction can save 20% fewer deaths. They created the Vision Zero 2.0 plan, that is focused on taking action to lower speed limits on certain areas of GTA. Toronto councils are trying their best to keep the community safe.

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