The newest Filipino Nurses Organization in Canada

The Integrated Filipino Canadian Nurses Association is one of the newest non-profit organization for Filipino nurses in Canada.

It has received its license last April of this year. Co-founders, Jim Martin and Austine Gaqui, said that the main purpose of creating this organization is to unify all Filipino nurses in Canada, especially those who are needing extra support.

What sets them apart from other Filipino nurses organization is that it caters to all Filipino nurses, regardless if they are retired, non-practicing, licensed or not, a nursing graduate here or in the Philippines. The reason behind it? They’ve been there. They did start from the bottom too and climbing their way up was not an easy smooth journey.

IFCNA offers a number of services that includes, free online course and reviewers, job referrals, and guides for other inquiries.

The organization is also active in the community. They can be seen on Filipino events as volunteers offering medical assistance. They are urging those who are interested to join their organization to reach out and drop them a message on their Facebook page, Integrated Filipino Canadian Nurses Association (IFCNA).

Catch the full interview of IFCNA members on TV Natin airing weekly on Filipino TV.

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