The Lunchbox Show Is Back And So Is The Marvel Universe

2021 is a great start for Marvel Fans. The collaboration between Disney Plus and Marvel Cinematic Universe created the “WandaVision” show. The half-hour show imitates the black and white, old-fashioned style sitcoms in the 1950s and 1960s. The two superheroes (Wanda and Vision) are living the normal suburban life. According to Variety, an American Media Company, the show is paying tribute to “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, an iconic American television sitcom in the ’60’s. 

Throughout the first two episodes, Wanda and Vision try to live a normal life not wanting their neighbours to suspect that they’re living next to a witch and an android. Ironically, Vision was killed by Thanos in the movie Avengers: Infinity War. The “WandaVision” show elicited a full commotion of ideas, theories and speculations even before it premiered. 

If you are a casual follower of Marvel Cinematic Universe, this show possibly is a bit confusing in the beginning. The Lunchbox show will guide and breakdown every single episode of “WandaVision” for the Marvel fans. “I know there’s just something happening underneath the surface, right? So that’s what kept me going like every little thing that’s like ‘hmmm I wonder what is going on here?’. So, I was like thinking there’s something deeper.” Lew Hebia, the host of the Lunchbox, stated on the show about “WandaVision”.  

A Lunchbox is a group of self-proclaimed nerds who love to talk about geek culture. For more nerdy and geeky updates, check out the Lunchbox show every Monday at 9 p.m. on Filipino TV. 

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