Supporting Small Local Businesses During This Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, local restaurants and small businesses are struggling to withstand the pressures of closure brought about by the pandemic. Multiple businesses have permanently closed after many years of service. Darwin Miranda, the owner of Krudar Muay Thai, fell victim to the business closure after 15 years of operation. 

Saan Ba? Lockdown Edition”, is a show that features local restaurants and businesses around the Greater Toronto Area, to educate consumers about troubled local businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many essential businesses are facing financial burden due to lockdown restrictions and inadequate support from the government. “The Saan Ba? Lockdown Edition” show host Nathan De Peralta mentioned, “We entered an intense lockdown, there are a lot of businesses that struggled especially with our Filipino business owners.”

“Saan Ba? Lockdown Edition” highlights a number of interesting local bakeries and restaurants on each episode. The show aims to promote local businesses as they operate during COVID-19. The host(s) will taste the yummy treats and will give you insightful food reviews. Check out where to go for good food & get your money’s worth as you support these small businesses or restaurants on “Saan Ba? Lockdown Edition show”. The show airs Fridays at 10 p.m. 

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