Struggles of Money Remittance Through COVID-19

It is not unusual for Filipinos to send money to their family back home in the Philippines. In fact, it seems almost an unwritten law for most of them to do just that. According to Global News, The Philippines was the No.1 destination of remittance from Canada in 2017. For most Filipinos, it is an obligation to help their family members back home. When this unexpected global pandemic occurred, sending money has become a major struggle for Filipino Canadians. 

Western Union, a financial services company, urges Filipino Canadians to send or receive money through the mobile app or on their website. Multiple agent locations are not open due to COVID-19 restrictions and that limit the chances of recipients receiving the money in the Philippines. On the other hand, people in Canada also have to worry about their income due to unemployment.

Since the pandemic started, the unemployment rate in Canada has been rapidly increasing especially for Southeast Asians. Many low-wage income workers lost their jobs and this hinders them from sending funds to their loved ones. Canadians can apply for EI or employment insurance but it is inadequate to pay their bills. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has and still is causing numerous problems for everyone. Countless Filipino Canadians are struggling to find employment to make both ends meet. While their family back home rely on the money remittance when it comes to their livelihood. One can only hope for this pandemic to end soon but it seems unlikely that it will.

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