‘Spartan cube’, the newest approved testing kit delivers results in less than an hour

An Ottawa-based Spartan Bioscience successfully developed a portable COVID-19 testing kit called Spartan Cube which delivers rapid results has been approved by Health Canada.

Courtesy of National Post

The Spartan Cube is the world’s smallest DNA analyzer – about the size of a coffee cup! It is also being called as a ‘game-changer’ offering fast and accurate test results. Unlike the regular lab testing that usually takes a couple of days to get results back, Spartan Cube can save time by delivering on-location results under an hour.

Spartan Bioscience CEO, Paul Lem emphasized that devices will be rolled out immediately for health services in rural and remote areas, prioritizing hospitals, long-term care homes, borders, and Indigenous communities.

The firm also confirmed that the device will only be delivered throughout Canada for now. Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr Theresa Tam says this would be a great way in improving lab tests in the country, helping reduce backlogs. The first orders are expected to be delivered this week.

Spartan Bioscience will continuously work in improving the device targeting to get results within 30 minutes.

There are a total of 26,206 cases in Canada as of April 14, 2020, 2 p.m.

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