‘Social distancing circles’ might be the best way to promote physical distancing in Toronto parks

Toronto Mayor John Tory considers ‘social distancing circles’ in city parks to promote the 2-metre physical distance bylaw while out in public.

Courtesy of Arch Daily (Marcella Winograd)

Just days after photos of a massive crowd at Trinity Bellwoods trended on social media, pictures of what seemed like large white circle paintings on parks at New York City and San Francisco begin circulating the Internet.


According to reports, the so-called ‘social distancing circles’ in two US cities are both functional and effective in letting people enjoy the summer-like weather outdoors while following safety measures from health officials.

Tory mentioned that together with city staff, they are looking for more ways to make parks safe to the majority, including the consideration of testing distancing circles at Trinity Bellwoods to see how effective it would be.

For now, police and bylaw officers are sent out at Toronto parks to monitor if anyone else is disobeying physical distancing rules.

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