SEA Games recap, Philippines overall champion

This year’s Southeast Asian Games has been hitting all types of headlines even before it officially started.

Now that it’s finished we go to what matters most.

SEA Games controversies were all over Facebook and Twitter, especially during its first few days. From the alleged corruption, the expensive cauldron, fake news, and other issues, it only stirred up mixed reactions from Filipino netizens.

Regardless of how critical Filipinos can be during those times, we cannot hide the fact that since the official opening of the games, we all put our issues behind to show support to our athletes.

Courtesy of PTV

From #SEAGamesfail to #WeWinAsOne. The Philippines gathered a total of 387 medals making us the overall champion.

But is that the most newsworthy about the SEA Games? We don’t think so.

From the opening ceremony filled with our very own athlete legends, the joy it brought watching them lead and represent the country was truly amazing. That alone showed how proud we are of being Filipino.

SEA Games is proof that Filipinos are talented and creative. We have discovered that we can excel in all other sports and not just in sports that we usually play.

New names came up like the “Golden Boy”, Carlos Yulo, Agatha Wong, Kristina Knott, and many more. They’ve bagged gold medals and it made us all proud.

Roger Casugay a.k.a. the surfer hero who rescued a fellow athlete from drowning. Who chose to save a life rather than get a medal. He was cheered as if he brought victory, but he did. He chose what’s right and again, it felt proud of being Filipino.

That whole time watching the games united all Filipinos cheering and supporting our dear athletes. For once, there weren’t any divisions.

Despite all the chaos and controversies, we managed to choose politeness, sportsmanship, Bayanihan, and unity. We were able to showcase our true talents as Filipinos.

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